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  1. In the past I could set the fans (all trio Thermaltake) to "temp" and they would ramp up speed with the cpu temp and change color up to red on a heavy load.. This no longer works... The fans do seem to ramp higher but no where near what they did before and they NEVER change from blue now... Its this a change in the software or a bug??? Anyone>? Thanks!
  2. here is a pic for reference/// the single fan on desk is connected to the forth controller of course.... and yes it should be blue...
  3. When I plug in the forth controller (after resetting by disconnecting power) The software sees it and controls it UNTIL I change the profile on ANY other controller... When I do that the forth unit disconnects from the the computer until it its disconnected from power and reconnected... This is repeatable over and over... Thermaltake.. Are you hiring? Whoever runs the software division needs to be fired as they are CLEARLY incompetent they have #### idea how to develop software.. you should be EMBARRASSED to release this garbage... I have spent a ton of money on this crap for it to be this bad..... At LEAST release the source so we can fix this ####! hahahaahahahhaha
  4. I have three RGB controllers running on my system without issues.... I had 4 but after the recent update the forth controller acts all loopy and disconnects... its 100% the software as I have 5- spares and they ALL did the SAME thing (even tried diff addresses SAME) What the HECK thermaltake? Does ANYONE have a solution? THX!
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