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    Tech Geek reacted to buzzman003 in View 37 ARGB Fan problem   
    I can confirm that removing the U1 chip from the fan hub, immediately makes the Asus lighting sync software control all 3 fan RGBs flawlessly. I first tried to desolder the chip but then took wire clips to it. This went much faster. I then plugged the reset switch lead into the MB reset pins and now I have that functionality back. The truth is, I'd never use the stock patterns when the sync software makes everything looks so fantastic. I just wish TT would have responded to the 2 emails I sent. It's now going on 4 weeks and 2 weeks respectively with absolutely no response. Thank you all, especially Bryan Phurrough and Tech Geek for running this down and taking the time out to help us all. I see so many other people having the exact same issue. This fix makes the whole case look amazing!
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    Tech Geek got a reaction from buzzman003 in View 37 ARGB Fan problem   
    OK, I got tired of waiting on ASUS and them asking stupid questions rather than fixing their software.  I have a relatively simple modification to the board that will get this working.  After tracing out the circuit it's a simple matter of removing U1.  Actually you could lift/cut the legs/pins 5 and 6, but removing it maybe easier.  Once this is complete, the switch used to switch color/effect/mode no longer works, but I assume you don't want that functionality anyway.  Actually you could repurpose this switch as a system reset switch.  Just to be clear nothing else needs to be done.  I've attached a picture of what the board looks like just so you can see nothing else needs to be done.  No need to add wires, short anything, etc.
    The software will default to 120 LEDs, so if you don't want a gap in the effect (while it's talking to LEDs from 28 - 120) make sure to set that number to 27.  Presumably if you have the right connector you could use the ARGB out connector (for the fourth fan) to run an ARGB strip.  Of course you'd have to add those LEDs to the total.

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    Tech Geek got a reaction from buzzman003 in View 37 ARGB Fan problem   
    Ok, rather than remove the board from my system (which I really don't want to do), I've taken photos of the board TT sent me.  It doesn't have U1 removed, but I've circled it for illustrative purposes.
    Hope this helps.

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