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  1. I completely understand. But, good luck. It's been 5 weeks. No response. Not one.
  2. Yea. It's been over a month for me. I also sent a second message to them after 2 weeks. Still nothing. I finally called at week 3 and they said to only use Aura Sync. That wasnt3the issue. It's really easy to pop the chip off. Took about 30 minutes including unplugging the case, do the fix, and plug it all back up.
  3. I can confirm that removing the U1 chip from the fan hub, immediately makes the Asus lighting sync software control all 3 fan RGBs flawlessly. I first tried to desolder the chip but then took wire clips to it. This went much faster. I then plugged the reset switch lead into the MB reset pins and now I have that functionality back. The truth is, I'd never use the stock patterns when the sync software makes everything looks so fantastic. I just wish TT would have responded to the 2 emails I sent. It's now going on 4 weeks and 2 weeks respectively with absolutely no response. Thank you all, especially Bryan Phurrough and Tech Geek for running this down and taking the time out to help us all. I see so many other people having the exact same issue. This fix makes the whole case look amazing!
  4. I have the exact same issue. X570 wifi mb with the v250 case. I need help!
  5. Are you using Armoury Crate or Aurora? Does it matter which software I use? I have the x570 wifi MB and the TT v250. Same RGB controller. Same exact issue.
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