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  1. The controller has 5 inputs, 3 are now occupied with the 3-pack of fans.
  2. I would be nice to get someone from TT to respond to this topic and found issues...
  3. Hello all, sorry to put this topic in general discussion, but I literally don't have anywhere else to put it. The link to customer service on the bottom of the forum doesn't work at all, nor does the link to 'technical support' on the main website. Today my Riing quad 3-pack arrived. It's my first ever TT product and I'd have to admit, my TT experience has been quite lackluster so far. The fans are great, no complaints there. However the Neon software is just absolutely terrible. Nothing I'd actually come to expect from a €140+ kit with 3 fans. Really disappointing to be buying a premium set of fans and not have the supported software that it needs. Then, I went online to contact support to find the help I need, only to find the support page doesn't work either. Just a broken link to technical support. Then I went to the customer service page on this forum, again a broken link. Can you imagine what I feel like, this being my first TT experience?! Now here's what's wrong with the Neon software - I can't control the speed of the fans at all. They're pwm fans but there's nothing in the software for me to control them. That's kind of the point of PWM-fans isn't it?! The old Trio software seems to have this option. The more premium version does not. How's this possible? -Any lighting effect I create in the Neon software doesn't save to my fans at all. That's kind of the point of the software isn't it?! Whenever I save the profile, it just saves the profile. It doesn't write the profile to my fans. The only way for me to have the fans display the lighting effect, is by previewing it. This means opening the software, pressing play and not being able to minimize the screen at all. -the new beta neon software, yes I understand it's a beta, is not able to open any profiles created with the original Neon software at all. -the fans just keep spinning after I turned off my computer. 2 out of the 3 fans keep spinning at the rate they used to when the computer was turned on. The 3rd fan wants to, it's moving back and forth a little bit, but apparently doesn't have enough power to. How's this possible? I know I can create effects with the TT RGB plus software (which causes my system to randomly freeze, freeze at shutdown and causes some of my HDD to suddenly not being recognized by the system), but the Neon software is what's promised in the marketing and on the website. It's one of the reasons I bought these fans and TT just simply doesn't deliver on this. I'm really disappointed to see this software being away from a finished piece by a longshot. Especially for such a premium and pricey product I expect to have at least a finished piece of software to accompany it. So far, the TT experience hasn't been that inviting to buying any other TT items.
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