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  1. Hey, so I recently got the X1 RGB and its been great! There are a few small issues though. The software advertised on the official Thermaltake page looks very appealing, and I'd like to get my hands on it, but after downloading and unzipping the installer, and then going through the steps (installing C++ and restarting etc.) I haven't had much luck with the end result. When I launch the exe file from the save folder (X1RGB.exe), nothing happens. A small little X1RGB square appears on the bottom right section of the taskbar, and then it dissappears. I've checked task manager and other monitoring functions and had no luck, it just vanishes and nothing happens. I'd really like a soluton; ive reinstalled C++, tried about 10 times. downloaded from multiple sources (the main being the official site), and ive had no luck. Simillarly, the phone app isn't doing much aswell, not that that's relevant. The phone app seems to need a "host software", is that the software in question? There seem to be two softwares, X1RGB and the plus variant, I'm honestly clueless at this point, been off and on it for a month. I'd like to get what i payed for. it's already an impressive product but I'm that itchy for more lights and more control. Thanks :)
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