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  1. AOL Desktop Gold is an application which is mainly used for emailing purposes. It is a division of Verizon communication. It is a kind of webmail provider used by millions of users. Apart from mailing you can browse, play games, watch videos and many more things on this application. That much feature makes it popular among users. The reason behind its popularity is the security features it provides to their users. Hacking activities are increasing day by day and we can't remain untouched from the internet so it is necessary that we should take some prevention so that our data will not be used by anyone without your permission. So to eliminate all this AOL Gold provides two-level security that makes it more to use for the daily purpose. Key features in AOL Desktop Gold If you want to enjoy your work or you are one of them that love to multitask, then AOL suits you for sure. Apart from security, it has many more features. Let’s have a look at the features of why it is the first choice for everyone nowadays. There is an alert message whenever you visit some kind of virus-containing link or dangerous websites. As it is confirmed that a website is dangerous it is directly blocked by the desktop gold so that in future it will not create any kind of issue. You can bookmark your favourite URLs in this application. If you want to access or visit the websites that you love, you can save them so that whenever you need you can visit them.AOL also added their bookmarks about their services and products in it that you can visit them but you can not edit, delete or move them. In this application while sending email to someone you can customize your content according to you. You can add flare by changing the font of your content, add emoticons, images with content and in the background according to you, hyperlink it any many more. You can import and export your data that can be copied easily to the other system. In general setting there is a tab for my data tab click to perform the operation of import and export. They provide keyloggers in it. In keylogger whatever you enter on the keyboard, it will be tracked by this software. This is mainly used for security purposes. You can hide an anti-keylogging window in this. Open setting tab and unselect it according to your choice. System requirements To avail all these features first we have to download this. It can be downloaded easily in some simple steps. Just follow the steps that are discussed below. Before downloading we have to make sure our system will fulfil all the requirements so that process in between will not interrupt and run smoothly without any issue. Windows versions that you are using must be 7 or above this. Hard Drive must have 512 MB free for downloading it. Internet connectivity should be good. Processor speed must be 266 MHz or more than this. Higher screen resolution is recommended. Installation and downloading process If you already have an AOL plan then you firstly sign in to your benefits page. open product and services and click to AOL desktop gold for downloading. Once the downloading is done proceed for the installation process. Similarly, if you already subscribe, this service, click on my subscription and choose the option for downloading. And after downloading install it. If you are a new user then you first you gave to sign up by using email id and password.visit official website and click the link for downloading then you will get an email on your sign in click to update now. Once it is completed then you can install it. In this blog, we will discuss all the features and the process of downloading. Increase your browsing experience with this AOL Gold Download.
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