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  1. Thermaltake View 31 TG's Headphone & Microphone ports are not working after 2months of its built... It was a brand new Chassis... Both ports were working well... Suddenly I am having issues... The Microphone port records some noise instead of my voice... The Headphone port provides less than 50% volume as output... Headphone & Microphone ports of motherboard are working well.. Though here is running lockdown, there is no way to repair it from shop... Does anyone have any idea about these issues and its solution? Please let me know... Thanks in advance. audioclip-1582301411000-12608.mp3
  2. Suddenly , Headphone & Microphone ports are not working of my View 31 chassis. It's a new Chassis. Just few months past.. I get 40%-50% lower volume from the Headphone port.. and Microphone ports doesn't take any voice instead it records bad noise. Then I have tested my motherboard ports, it works well... problem is in my chassis ports... Please let me know the way to fix it... Recording.m4a
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