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  1. Nice, I knew they would eventually show it on SOTG; they would be crazy not to. 16:22 though
  2. Phew, I'll tell you what; the final week was incredibly interesting. It was filled with minor issues and having to think quickly and readjust, but in the end the build was finished by the deadline. If you want to just get straight to the end result, then the voting page has now launched: https://www.scan.co.uk/shops/thermaltake-modding-challenge But if you want to read the final build log and see how I got to the end result, then stick around! 18 July 2020 I tried as hard as I could to get the front and top panels to look as pristine as possible; but as I mentioned, I basic
  3. With only a week left to go, yep it looks like I will be cutting things close after all! So since the last update I have been spending a fair bit of time with the front and top panels: But we'll get back to them in a moment, as they have been quite a pain. I also bonded the acrylic to the rear panel, made sure to leave it to set for a good day or so: This panel also caused me slight headache, or rather I gave myself a headache by forgetting about something. I made sure I had plenty of clearance on all of the edges... ...except for the rearmost
  4. Looking awesome so far Andy! Scares like that with your eye are never fun, glad you're okay. Absolutely cannot wait to see the finished product, just don't hurt yourself any further please
  5. Has it already been a week since the last update? Well, I better get cracking then! So the next thing I wanted to get sorted out was the panelling/trim on the 'business side' of the case. I kind of had an idea of how I wanted it in my head, but thought it safe to try with foamboard first. Which is just as well, since the prototype was a fair bit wonky: But at least it served its purpose, it enable me to fine tune things a fair bit before moving on to the actual acrylic pieces. So a little bit of jigsaw action resulted in: So my inital thoughts were tha
  6. Thanks for the kind words folks, it is much appreciated. I went into this whole contest with solely a 'theoretical' understanding of how I could use the acrylic. In my head the plan was to create a cleaner version of the View 51 Snow. Now this isn't to say that the case doesn't already look great stock, as it certainly does; but we all know how factory paint jobs can be, especially when dealing with multiple materials. I'm now getting to the stage where I will start to see whether these ideas actually work or not! So catching up from the last time I checked in, once all those
  7. Hey there folks, been a little while since my last update. I had originally planned to get a fair bit done last weekend and have an update for Monday, but things didn't work out that way. But anyway, what progress has been made since the last time? The front and top panels were not going to plan, which is definitely my own fault. I think I misjudged just how tricky doing the things I wanted to with the acrylic would end up being! After seeing how the first run ended up looking, it also made me realise that I would end up painting those bits anyway; as the raw acrylic would look sligh
  8. Been a bit of a slow week, the weather was hit and miss up in my neck of the woods so was limited as to what I could get done outside. I wanted to get started on painting the frame, but needed to do a little bit more cutting before I could get started: This large rectangle was of course for an LCD screen: A little rough around the edges at first glance (I was just making sure it actually fit), but the acrylic within the interior should hopefully give it a clean finish. I cleaned up the edges a bit more, then sanding everything down in preparation to start laying
  9. Ooft, what a week. So picking up where I left off, plan for this past week was to get all of the acrylic pieces hashed out. I wanted to get that out of the way, since it was going to be one of the more tricky items on the agenda. Sure enough, it was fairly tricky. Attempt #1 The holes for attempt #1 were slightly off, but nothing a little moulding/edging wouldn't be able to hide; same with the cutout for the pump and drain port. Unfortunately I had a bit of an accident when I was drilling the last hole, my step bit had got stuck and I accidentally applied to much pressure
  10. Thanks mate. After mulling it over though, I’m just not happy with it. It has become way too ‘busy’ due to that thick rad. I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and put it up top with the fans off-centre: For the components that are in there, a single 64mm radiator should be more than enough. So if I just go with the single: I’ll have much more ‘canvas’ and it should look a lot cleaner and less busy. At least that’s what I’m thinking; and my girls like it better this way, so I’ve got to listen to them! Whilst I did like the actual runs from t
  11. The eagerly anticipated second delivery came in this week! A few fittings unfortunately came in chrome rather than black, which I imagine is due to issues with stock; which is completely understandable given current events. The extra-thick radiator did however really catch me by surprise. My intent was to install a 2nd Pacific C360 radiator at the front, for a total of 2 radiators (top and front). After a good couple of days trying different layouts, it became clear that I would have to have the slim rad up top and the thick rad at the front. Not only is the Pacific CL360
  12. Not much to report this week I'm afraid, still awaiting delivery of the remaining components from Thermaltake. It has worked out well however, as I was able to finish up all of my academic work without any distraction; just sitting my last exam yesterday. So now I am done with everything and just waiting for my results! As soon as the rest of the parts arrive, I will finally be able to really get stuck in; so this past weekend I decided to do a few preliminary things to get the ball rolling. Since the weather was nice I decided to take a stab at cutting my first piece of acrylic
  13. I feel ya mate. I only manage to do a little bit here and there myself when the pain allows (degenerated disc between S1/S2); been on Gabapentin and Co-codamol for my sciatica since last summer. But it still flares up fiercely after tinkering with stuff or sitting at my desk for too long. At least you’ve got the sense to put the tools down and rest, half the time I just push through and moan about it later!
  14. It's Monday morning and once again the weather is absolutely glorious! I know I sound like the boy that cried wolf, but the additional components from Thermaltake and Scan UK should be with me very soon. So in preparation for that, I decided over the weekend to get some other things in order first. First on the agenda was the AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 graphics card from Asus, which comes with the reference blower cooler and no backplate. Disassembly was a fairly straightforward affair, with only minimal residue left over by some of the thermal pads. As you can see, th
  15. Little overdue for a weekly update here, because reasons! First and foremost, a huge thanks to everyone that is checking in on my progress (albeit very little so far) here on the forums; as well as those of you reaching out to me on other platforms. Hopefully when the work really begins, you will be rewarded with frequent posts full of pictures and commentary. ####, even if (when) things go wrong, I'll make sure to post my experiences. Just last week I submitted my disseration, so fairly glad that is behind me. As fate would have it, Project SparklePony became a vital asset for it; a
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