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  1. Hi @Inmatty You will not get a perfect suggestion from here. You need to find a home appliance based forum. Anyway, we are using Roomba 690. I bought it a few years back. I guess it almost 2 years. I lost the link but here i found another article hope this might help you. https://homeztale.com/roomba-650-vs-690/
  2. alex441


    Follow the instruction of the attached photo. Thanks -
  3. Commandos game series
  4. There are plenty of spying android apps online. You may check one.
  5. Yes, this is not the right place to ask. Anyway, i searched a little bit online. And got this article. You may check if this one might help you. https://vacuumsadvisor.com/shark-vacuum-troubleshooting/ Or you may find vacuum related forum online. Regards AS
  6. I will suggest you to use, Wireless mouse: Razer Viper Ultimate Keyboard: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
  7. Why don't you use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for your promotion?
  8. I would really not go with those cheap brands. If finding PSUs is really hard... Try finding Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, Tagan, XFX, Rosewill, BeQuite!, Enermax, eVGA, or Silverstone. Yes, they are expensive but the quality has its price.
  9. Hello guys! I hope you are fine in this #### pandemic. It seems fellow members already gave the answer to what you really want. Anyway, please check this article if you have any more questions. https://www.howtogeek.com/133680/htg-explains-what-is-a-vpn/
  10. When I unplug one of the USB cable (mouse, keyboard, or USB Wifi adapter) randomly, the PC will turn on by itself. What's the problem is? Please suggest how may i solve this #### problem.
  11. I think 90% of people who loved traveling. I am one of them. I have no experience traveling outside of the US. In the US i traveled 3 times in the Grand Canyon, a single tour in Las Vegas & Waikiki, North Carolina's Outer Banks, San Diego and 2 times in Miami Beach, Florida.
  12. Got the solution, thanks google.
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