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  1. I WON!!!!!!! I still can't believe it. I've been in such a daze I even forgot to update you all. Thank you so so much to everyone who voted. Huge thanks to the sponsors for giving me this opportunity Thermaltake UK, Scan Computers UK, AMD, ASUS Republic of Gamers UK and Seagate. And a Massive thanks to everyone who's kept me sane these last few months. I really don't know what else to say. Other than thank you everyone. Hopefully I'll be back soon destroying something else with another mod. Until then Crapfans.....
  2. Last few hours to vote. Pick your favourite, vote and if you're in the UK, there's a View 51 and Toughpower 850W PSU up for grabs. https://www.scan.co.uk/shops/thermaltake-modding-challenge
  3. Gah! Should have remembered they crop the stream later. Only watched about 100 of them I still can't believe it. I just see it as something I made so it can't be that good.
  4. Had some fantastic feedback and responces from both the PC crowd and from the division community in the last few weeks. Today though, today was something else. Should start at 16:04 To not only make the Agent Highlights on the State of the Game stream, but for Hamish to set it apart as something special is just, honestly mind blowing. Thank you to everyone who's voted so far, if you haven't already please go and vote, even if you like one of the other mods and vote for them, just go and vote! UK peoples can win the same case and PSU we used in the mods! Thanks. https
  5. This was the start of the build, all the mods complete, it looks pretty messy but it's actually fairly organised, for me anyway. But this was the decent into sleep deprived madness. lol To prevent getting finger prints everywhere I tried wearing gloves, but when previously wearing them my hands get disgustingly sweaty, so I made some sweatbands from old socks First issue, I'd managed to damage one of the terminals in the CPU RGB extension, so I had to splice them into the controller cable. You can just see the squished terminal in the middle of the cables, took an age to figu
  6. On the 15th July, someone on another forum commented "wow great start". I thought that was a bit cheeky given how much work I'd put in so far, little did I know he wasn't wrong and the next 2 weeks would descend into chaotic #### I can only now talk about without being reduced to tears. It's been a difficult couple of years, today (7th Aug at time of writing) should have been my wedding day, but instead I'll make do with cricket commentary and build logs. As a sign of just how right WarBoys was, the following and final log has had to be split into 2 parts! At this stage I was doing abou
  7. Project ISAC is finished! It has been a hectic last couple of weeks to say the least, I've barely had time to eat or sleep, so for now you'll have to make do with the final competition video, but I'll be back with the final update log and plenty of pics in the next few days. I'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for me in the competition, the link to which is below. Thank you to everyone who's stopped by, commented and offered support and guidance of the last few months. I'm off to raid the liquor cabinet VOTE HERE (note that once on the scan website competition page,
  8. Ahoy hoy Mod fans! A working week since the last update, quite a lot of that time has been spent on a rather large piece of work that I can't show just yet. 32 pieces measured and cut, 102 holes drilled, come to construct it and one of the 2 types of bolt I'm using was too short Just 2mm longer and would have been fine. But new bolts should be arriving in the next day or 2. That's what I've been working on in the shed during the day, but in the evening I've been working on case internals, especially the wiring. Seems even my tools are Division themed First off are the 3
  9. Gooood Moooorning Modding faaaaaaans! These regular updates are becoming a terrible habit After the previous days eye drama I'd had to finish early, so there were bits that needed removing from the original motherboard tray to make room for the power cables. So, first thing was to mark them up and cut them out. I started using my jigsaw, but the spaces were too tight, so I knew it was time to break the newest member of the Makin modding family, the new Dremel! (Whoof whoof!) No not you Dremel, the other Dremel, this one. (Whimper ) Don't be sad boy, I'll
  10. Ahoy hoy modderinos Back once again for the renegade master, wait, no, for another episode of Project ISAC. You know how I should the tray fit nice and snug? Yeh well a little 2 snug, it needed a few mm trimmed off the edge as well as a couple of notches put in for where to top rad hole has a lip. This took far longer than I thought, even with the rough cut file, it's likely down to me not having very good technique as I'd do a couple of strokes that would take a lot off, then apparently nothing would be removed for the next 5 mins Probably made harder by the difficulty in clamping
  11. Ahoy hoy techerinos! Time for an update already? Yes Ralph, in the first attempt at mini updates (that may or may not be mini in size), yesterday’s work seemed as good a point as any to pop in some progress. The original plan was to measure and drill out all the pass-through holes before bending, but having seen from the GPU shroud how much difficulty a hole added to bending I thought it best to get that done first. So first up was scoring a bend line in, which was really hard work in the "mild" steel. I was almost tempted to get the Dremel out, but the chances of cutting rig
  12. Ahoy hoy Crapfans! Despite telling myself that I'd update more often I just don't like showing stuff before it's finished, but the end result today is worth the wait. So, remember that big package? It contained a sheet of mild steel, 1000mmx600mmx0.9mm. It's a heft beast, you don't appreciate how light aluminium is until you start working with steel. Getting this first piece cut was quite an ordeal, having to try and balance it with one hand and cut with the jigsaw with the other hand. Was much easier when I got the first cut in and it fit on the workbench properly.
  13. It's Friday, it's deadly hot outside, my shed is now a kiln and I've got a broken tooth throbbing away. That can only mean one thing...... UPDATE TIME!!!!! Seems like forever since last time, so much has happened, so many ups and downs, there's a whole load of pictures so I'll try and keep it brief. Maybe..... So we left off with the cpu block cover cut, bevelled and a little sanding done, but a lot more needed to be done to finish it off. I strapped some 400grit sandpaper to a piece of furniture board and went to town. Came out pretty nice. Then moved
  14. Ahoy hoy modderinos! What's this? Another updatealready!? And it doesn't involve the motherboard armour!!!??? Yep that's right, mostly due to needing one last part for it, but also because I need to do something else before I go mad So inline with the brightenisation of the motherboard, the CPU block was next up for an enlightening. First I needed a good copy of one, didn't work out too well just sticking it on the copier. By cutting out the first copy to reflect the light in the surrounding area and then shining a bright torch through the plexi block....
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