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  1. 2022 Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1 - SWAFAN Lightshow Creation Event Prediction Voting Predict on the poll above who will win the event for your chance to win ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse and ARGENT K6 RGB Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red. Event Website: https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2022S1/ Prediction Voting Event will run from November 3rd 2022 to January 3rd 2023. (GMT+8)
  2. Taipei, Taiwan-November 1st, 2022-Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is thrilled to announce 2022 Thermaltake Neonmaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1 is back! Starting from today, six contestants around the globe will show how well they can create a light show with Thermaltake’s RGB lighting customization editing software-NeonMaker, together with the latest SWAFAN. Contestants should not use components other than the NeonMaker to fight for the top three positions for a total cash prize pool of 5,000 US dollars. The contestants will be graded by four main guidelines including originality, artistry, utilization of the software, and the quality of their video. Contestants would not only be graded by Thermaltake judges and the TT CEO but also carefully selected professional modders. Tt community members would also contribute 30% of the final scores at the end. So, don't miss out on the chance to win amazing prizes during the prediction giveaway event and the final giveaway event by joining the Tt community and vote for your favorite contestants. A fascinating lighting show is coming, stay tuned, and don’t forget to show your support and vote for your favorite contestants! Event Website: https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2022S1/ Thermaltake NeonMaker Light Editing Software: https://www.thermaltake.com/neonmaker SWAFAN 12/ 14 RGB Radiator Fan (3-Fan Pack) https://www.thermaltake.com/swafan-12-rgb-radiator-fan-3-fan-pack.html https://www.thermaltake.com/swafan-14-rgb-radiator-fan-3-fan-pack.html
  3. Meet the All-new Core P3 TG Pro & Core P3 TG Pro Snow Open Frame Chassis Build Like a Pro Taipei, Taiwan-October 12th, 2022-Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Case, Cooling, Gaming peripherals, and enthusiast memory solutions, is glad to reveal its brand-new open frame chassis, the Core P3 TG Pro. The Core P series has long been Thermaltake’s iconic chassis design and remained the best-selling product all along. This year, to take things up a notch, we make improvements to the beloved Core P3 TG, tweaking details and making it better in every way while retaining the characteristics of the original design language. In addition, all the forthcoming components including RTX40 series graphics cards like the RTX4080 and RTX4090 are taken into consideration when developing the Core P3 TG Pro, allowing you to seamlessly upgrade your computer parts down the line without breaking a sweat and build like a pro. The Core P3 TG Pro is one of the most unique-looking and unlike anything you can find in the market right now. Utilizing Thermaltake’s iconic open-frame design, we continue to innovate and push boundaries in pursuit of forging the perfect user experience. Kicking things off with its looks, empowered by the open frame design, the Core P3 TG pro is a killer when it comes to air intake and exhaust, in simple terms, resulting in optimal thermal performance. 3-way placement layout, including wall-mount, vertical, and horizontal placement, truly fulfills the desire for a tailor-made experience as you can fit it in any way you feel like. On top of that, space efficiency also plays an extremely crucial role. Therefore, we make things even easier for you to access and organize, turning PC-building into something you can really enjoy. To fully display all of your favorite components, we make use of 4mm tempered glass to create a panoramic viewing experience. Reinforced feet ensure the most stable stance under operation. Without a doubt, not only is it an amazing-looking chassis but a part of the room décor everybody gets to appreciate. As for Core P3 TG Pro’s extensions, that’s when things start to get interesting. Optimized for accommodating high-end graphics cards and radiators simultaneously, running both top-tier radiators and graphics cards is no longer a hardship as we redesigned the previous motherboard layout from scratch to troubleshoot any possible hurdles beforehand. On the other hand, the additional fan bracket is included. The fan bracket can be installed on the very top of the chassis, which houses up to three 120mm fans, a 360mm radiator, a 420mm radiator, or even a distro plate, making it an ideal setup for AIO and DIY lovers. Besides, no more disastrous GPU sagging you are afraid of as we have got you covered by including a GPU holder. Speaking of which, the rotational PCI-E slots enable you to place your GPU horizontally and vertically depending on how you like to showcase your build. This thing is loaded in terms of I/O, with USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 2 of the USB 3.0, and an HD audio jack. On top of that, an E-ATX up to 12” x 10.5” motherboard is also compatible with the Core P3 TG Pro and Supports up to 4 of the 3.5” HDDs or 5 of the 2.5” SSD. With all that mentioned above, we have a firm belief that the Core P3 TG Pro nails all of the most imperative factors PC builders care about. If you have never built in the Core P series or you wanted a new build, experience the open frame design, aesthetics, and ease of use building in Thermaltake’s most iconic Core P series chassis, in this case, the Core P3 TG Pro. Features of the Core P3 TG Pro & Core P3 TG Pro Snow Open Frame Chassis: M/B Side Layout Redesigned Additional Fan Bracket Three-Way Placement Layout 4mm Thick Tempered Glass Window with Stunning Views Rotational PCI-E Slots Redesigned Feet Handy I/O Ports Storage Compatibility DMD – Dismantlable Modular Design Thermaltake Core P3 TG Pro (Snow) Open Frame Chassis Product Websites: Core P3 TG Pro: https://www.thermaltake.com/core-p3-tg-pro.html Core P3 TG Pro Snow: https://www.thermaltake.com/core-p3-tg-pro-snow.html Core P3 TG Pro: TT Premium USA | TT Premium China | TT Premium Europe | TT Premium Australia | TT Premium Taiwan | TT Premium Asia Core P3 TG Pro Snow: TT Premium USA | TT Premium China | TT Premium Europe | TT Premium Australia | TT Premium Taiwan | TT Premium Asia
  4. Hi@Jimbeam, We are glad to hear that you are interested in the upcoming GF3 series. The 1650W is definitely the way to go if you're in search of two 12+4 pin connectors to juice up your 4090. We are currently working very hard to get things ready for purchase. For more details, you can reach out to your local Thermaltake representative office or resellers. Hope this is helpful for you.
  5. Thermaltake Launches the All-new Toughpower GF3 Series PCIe Gen 5.0 and ATX 3.0 Ready We are announcing the brand-new Toughpower GF3 series, which is PCIe Gen 5.0 and ATX 3.0 ready, meaning these power supplies come with a 12+4 pin interface and can natively support the upcoming next-gen graphics cards, and we have got a wide array of wattages for you to choose from, including 750W, 850W, 1000W, 1200W, 1350W, and 1650W. A 10-year warranty is also applicable across the entire GF3 series as we believe in providing only the best products. Fatures of the TOUGHPOWER GF3 series: -Fully Compatible With Intel PSDG ATX 3.0 Specifications -Made to Comply with the Latest Graphics Cards -PCIe Gen 5.0 Ready -Ultra Quiet Smart Zero Fan -<30mV Low Ripple Noise Design -Extremely Strict Voltage Regulation -Fully Modular Low-Profile Flat Cable -100% High Quality Japanese 105°C/221°F Capacitors -High Amperage Single +12V Rail & High-Class Technologies -Superior Cooling Performance If you're looking for a high-qality, reliable, and powerful PSUs, Look no further. The GF3 series will be your best option Learn Information: Product website: GF3 750W: https://bit.ly/3TKJBQ0 GF3 850W: https://bit.ly/3QjoBgp GF3 1000W: https://bit.ly/3RjslQb GF3 1200W: https://bit.ly/3RiojHY GF3 1350W: https://bit.ly/3wVLUWy GF3 1650W: https://bit.ly/3TJ5DCY Product video:
  6. Hi Watchara, Can you DM me your Email, when you bought it, and invoice. I will see how I can further help you troubleshoot.
  7. Hi Karoloydi, Sorry for the delayed response. We understand the frustration you've been through. Could you let us know when you bought the case and when you broke it? We'll see how we can arrange and further help you with this.
  8. Hi Watchara, I am Joey from Thermaltake. I was wondering if you could try unintalling and installing the latest TT RGB PLUS software to see if it works. You can find the latest software here: https://ttrgbplus.thermaltake.com/ Let me know if it solves your problem!
  9. The New View 300 MX and View 300 MX Snow Mid-Tower Chassis Massive Airflow Enabled by Two Pre-installed 200mm and One 120mm ARGB PWM Fans Taiwan-Aug 24th, 2022-Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Case, Cooling, Gaming peripherals and enthusiast memory solutions, is thrilled to launch the View 300 MX and View 300 MX Snow Mid-Tower Chassis, two sleek-looking chassis models that will draw your attention the moment you see them. Featuring dual front panels, two pre-installed 200mm and one 120mm ARGB PWM fans for massive airflow, patented rotatable PCI-E slots, and more, the View 300 MX series sets out to suffice the most challenging cooling demands. The View 300 MX series is specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts looking for the best PC-building solution. For starters, View 300 MX series has a 4 mm thick tempered glass side panel exhibiting all your components in their perky RGB lighting. It also features a tempered glass front panel with a mesh edge and can be replaced by the perforated TT logo steel panel that comes in the box depending on your personal preference. Its dual front panel design allows users to choose and display the PC build to their preference. What’s more, two of the pre-installed 200 mm ARGB PWM fans and one 120 mm ARGB PWM fan make it possible to move a considerable amount of air through the chassis with reduced noise due to the fan speed control through the PWM function. Besides, the case can house up to an E-ATX motherboard, so users no longer have to worry about the compatibility of their motherboards, and instead focus solely on building the PC. Users can easily fit up to a 360mm radiator on top, front, or motherboard side. View 300 MX series has an incredibly well-organized interior space, allowing users to handle cable management like a champ. With its excellent cooling performance, customizability, ease of use, and user-friendly design, the View 300 MX series is ideal for you to make your next build epic, high-performing, and one-of-a-kind. Features of the Thermaltake View 300 MX and View 300 MX Snow Mid-Tower Chassis: Pre-installed Two 200mm ARGB PWM Fans & One 120mm ARGB PWM Fan Choose your style with dual front panels! Choose from a Tempered Glass Mesh Panel or a Perforated TT logo Steel Panel Patented Rotatable PCI-E Slots Excellent Dust Filtration Removable PSU Cover Massive Airflow & Amazing Performance Hardware Compatibility Handy I/O Ports Sync with Motherboard RGB Software Thermaltake View 300 MX and View 300 MX Snow Mid-Tower Chassis Product Websites: View 300 MX: https://www.thermaltake.com/view-300-mx-mid-tower-chassis.html View 300 MX Snow: https://www.thermaltake.com/view-300-mx-snow-mid-tower-chassis.html View 300 MX: TT Premium USA | TT Premium China | TT Premium Europe | TT Premium Australia | TT Premium Taiwan | TT Premium Asia View 300 MX snow: TT Premium USA | TT Premium China | TT Premium Europe | TT Premium Australia | TT Premium Taiwan | TT Premium Asia
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