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  1. when is a software application published that unites all hardware? i own 8+ different applications for LED and controlling. Thermaltake DPS - power supply Thermaltake thoughram- 4x RAM Thermaltake RGB plus - Case fans and luckily head-stand (iTAKE software) and yes, power supply. Case and FANS. All in one CPU cooler. Thermaltake iTake - headset stand ASUS - mainboard, grafic (okay nvidia) in addition keyboard, mouse, mousepad. soundbar (ok not ur fault since u sell these) PLEASE - one application for Thermaltake incl driver and ASUS integration (or Raze
  2. hey guys, i wrote my german local support directly.. got a replacement in few days. perfect support since direct country support. i mailed and about 1.5h got a answer. short telephoned. few days after problem solved. very very goood support!!! thxs for that. everything is working fine. Except u know -> harmonize ur software. 4 apps installed (RAM, fans/AIO, power-supply, headset-stand). Unacceptable (and errors within single apps)!!! great hardware and software suxxx !!! but i love u !! additional software independend from thermaltake for light support: mainboard and grafi
  3. hi james, wrote to the support member 9th november. Not read till now ?!
  4. Good evening support, what should i do?! see following two images - CPU is not working any more since long time (see post of january): I've managed to control all YOUR the fans + headset stand + RAM + power supply and ASUS graphics card + mainboard with Chroma so far last week. (keyboard, soundbar, mouse, mousepad still missing). See also backisde connection via 3 hubs -> 3th pic. kind regards.
  5. got my R12 headset stand currently. #### so #### incredible cool..... amazon.... all sync is fine... mainboard, grafic card and the heart CPU thermaltake is missing.... of course mouse (steel), mousepad (razer) , keyboard (hyperx), display (samsung) too. doesnt mather. pleaseeeee thermaltake. fix my CPU heart->>>>>> and maybe ASUS Mainboard an graficcard secondary,.
  6. #### i want our head set stand (just discovered right now -Thermaltake Premium E1 RGB Headset Stand ) very cool .... but i am fear to install another of you software pieces to controll the lighnts.... #### ....
  7. Hi, nice finally a response. See my post 8th march. MY computer was now 2-3 month offline cause of summer and workload. Modell: - FloeRing 360 TT Premium with 3 fans (one switch). - Mainboard: 'AS_US ROG Maximus XI Code. Attached via thermaltake controllers. three controllers installed. 2x 20"fans (one switch). In addition 3x 12" fans at bottom and back (one switch). I tried each switch for CPU unit. i have to try it again maybe wobble contact. But i dont think so. Sometimes it is online and once i can change color. then each time offlin
  8. thx zorak, hoping there is a contributor which concerning this Topic. If not i will create an official request and in last instance a case with Amazon. but i prefere a Software issue instead a Hardware. Kind regards
  9. Dear all, same Problem. I installed my FloeRing 360 TT Premium JUN2019. Since 3 Months no LED adjusting at CPU possible. Since 1 month complete led switched off (today March 2020). I have 3 Controllers. pluged it to the others but nothing happend. I want not send it back except i get a new one contemporary. ^^ The other 3 CPU cooling fans working in addition the RAM, two Riing 20 and 3 three riiing 12. And plase make ur Software ASUS compatible. Thx from Germany.
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