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  1. Thanks for your response, so that case is just big and useless, the corsair 1000D is what I should get
  2. So this is just a trash forum filled spam, just remove it from the internet since mods aren't even able to delete spam
  3. Before purchasing the case "thermaltake view 91" I need to make sure it can support 2 of EK's 480mm XE radiators (one in the front and one in the top) along with the fans of course. Those radiators are 60mm in thickness (because I need to cool a threadripper + 4x2080TIs) will the case allow me to do that ?
  4. Please anyone has done a build with copper waterblocks and any of the pacific R or RL radiators ?
  5. Hello guys, I'm new to the forum, I want to build a watercooled system and the only radiators I can find in my local area are the old radiators from thermaltake labeled "RL" the ones made with Aluminium. the problem is: I've read a ton of warnings from people on the internet to avoid these radiators at all costs! did anyone here used them along with copper waterblocks for more than a year? how did it go out please ? did it corrode badly ? or is your system fine ?
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