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  1. And now I'm showing the tracking label created on 5/8, but UPS isn't showing it having shipped out yet.
  2. I got a reply from the US support today and they said they can ship out another control board to me without having to send the old one back. "Thank you for contacting Thermaltake We can absolutely replace the fan controller. We use our RMA service for just the part, we will send you the replacement part without expecting the old one back. Follow the procedure outlined below and you will be on your way to getting resolved."
  3. My only problem is I don't want to mod the controller, I just want it to work as advertised. Their webpage on the Commander C34 says: Part of why I chose this case is because of that promise, and for a cost of $109.99 +s/h, they need to honor that promise.
  4. So, even with COVID-19 running amuck, it's been 2 weeks now and I've heard nothing from TT's tech department. Has anybody else gotten a response out of them lately about this? I don't want to have to buy new fans or hack the controller board just to get the RGB up front to work like it should be. I honestly expected better from TT than this.
  5. Same problem here with my C34 on my ASUS Prime X570-P. Using the button on the case, the LEDs on the front fans work just fine. If I plug my aRGB header into my rear fan, no problems with it's LEDs. But using the motherboard to controll the LEDs won't work. When I connect it to the case controller and the rear fan LEDs don't light and only one of the top fan's LEDs light up, regardless of if the rear fan is connected to the controller board or not. But the one LED that does work will do the effect I select in Armoury Crate. And no matter what is selected, the RAM LEDs work just fine. I just contacted support on the web page and I am hoping to hear back soon...
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