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  1. Any commercial service must have customer support, and if a business does not have such, saas support can help. This is a unique offering of outsourced customer support. You order services from professionals, and you get the most out of what you can get. I recommend it.
  2. In order to start a business in Dubai quickly, you need first of all a springboard for business, and that is real estate. Because such things are significant both for status and for the business itself because such a platform opens up a lot of opportunities, in all seriousness, one of the best options to establish yourself would be the opr.ae service. They are professionals and have been doing real estate for a long time and can pick up some really unique options for you at delicious prices, so I recommend it.
  3. Wupper

    travel thread

    As far as I am concerned, to ensure stress reduction in travel, it is worth getting a reasonable and timely rest. The same goes for usuall days. I can tell you that a great option is to revisit quality photos of yourself from your holiday. Something along the lines of Ragnar photos. I think such a holiday would be unforgettable.
  4. Wupper


    I'm not sure which driver is right for the keyboard. Try reinstalling the native driver from the website or searching the Internet for an older version. It's probably the one that will work. In fact, try always to figure it out for yourself. I will personally search the entire Internet and find the answer to the question that torments me. In this key I can recommend https://light-it.net/, there is a lot of useful information and articles. This is not for advertising, but really useful thing, read it for free.
  5. And what is the mistake? Sometimes it helps to send a screen recording to mail to developers, they respond faster. I recommend recording a screen using any program (if you have a MAC, I recommend https://www.movavi.com/screen-recorder-mac/, an extremely convenient program) so you can see the nature of the errors and immediately show your computer configuration and task manager + always send logs, i.e., files with the extension .log that are related to the program.
  6. It's great, but I have 12v power on my motherboard. Is it possible to connect 5v somehow? Always choose high-quality background music so that the backlight shines beautifully. In order not to worry that your video may receive a strike or someone will sue you for using licensed music, you should always use music without a license on YouTube (and not only there, in general, on any site), for example, those the same royalty free dance music. It will protect you and simplify your life!
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