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  1. Fz6Rider

    Hey TT Team

    That is a little unfortunate in my opinion, I have tried every single mode and some are lacking, the ability to at least adjust the brightness and fan speed on every mode would make some modes a little better. But as you belief some are their best mode as is, then it shall be, unfortunate, but that is the way it is. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Fz6Rider

    Hey TT Team

    Is there any particular reason that with the tt rbg pure plus program that you wont allow users to change the brightness with each of the individual settings? as well as the light speed? Why do you limit the brightness on any of them?
  3. Okay, thank you, I will try that.
  4. Now you can import the NeonMaker editing lighting effect to TT RGB PLUS! So I tried this, and what is the point? Since the NeonMaker Software is for the Riing fans, the NeonMaker profiles wont work at all. It will show as "NeonMaker" under light mode, but the light mode wont actually do anything different. It literally only changes the name of the "Light Mode" but it doesn't change the light effect itself. I am uncertain of why they would hype this as a cool update when you can't even use the NeonMaker software with the Pure Plus 12 fans. Also, why is it that some lighting effects are able to change the brightness and others aren't? I don't quite understand that. Aurora is one of my favorite presets and yet you cant change the brightness, or temp...I was very excited to get these fans and play around with the settings like the video on their marketing showed. But when you get down deep into the nitty gritty it is really quite lack luster. I hope the "supposed" New "software" they have testing "in-house" is actually an upgrade/update to this extremely limited software as is. I love the fans but the software is really quite lacking.
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