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  1. I just recently bought ring quad fans and noticed that on my thread ripper system PWM is kinda broken. While looking at the fans connectors I did notice that the fans are PWM, but the fans are pulling the temps from software. How does this software know where the fans are located? Does it use my cpu temp for all fans? I have 2 loops 1 for cpu and 1 for 2 gpus in sli. Now I don't like modding stuff that don't need to be modded, but the fan design is broken or not meant for dual loop systems. So what I have figured out is to make a splitter from their 9 pin header plug to 9 pin header and PMW output fan plug. It's going cost me under 30$ to do all 12 of my fans. Since this is an adapter this won't void warranty. I have already depinned a 140mm Ring Quad and actually had the PWM function working on my mother board so I know it's going to work. I'm using the SIV software from Gigabyte to control fans speeds and pump speeds. Once all the stuff from Amazon gets here I'll post my final design, hope it will help you guys.
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