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  1. HI all! I have downloaded the test version (1.3.802) and it working with my Asus Zenith Extreme motherboard. The temperature in the TTRGB plus, and the temp in the motherboard are same. Thank you, Tony.P
  2. Yes, you are correct, same thing here, too. It would be the best for the user to be able to select which temperature or temperatures the TT RGB plus uses. Because my system has 3 GPUs and I have many GPU intensive task while the processor load is only 30%. Therefore, it would be good if I control the temperature based on the temperature of the external sensor or water. I have 3 radiators in my computer, one of which cools the processor and 2 cools the video cards. Therefore, it would be good if we could set it all up for each controller. So if the processor heats up, only t
  3. I read about the Tctl and the Tdie temperatures and these parameters are specialties of the threadripper CPUs. Here is the link: So i think this is not a bug, this is a feature of the Threadripper processors. "Threadripper uses a +27°C offset. So average temp of the dies is 43°C but to make sure fans are running 'fast enough', fan curves should use the 70°C mark."
  4. Goood news here guys TT fixed this problem in the latest update of the TT RGB plus. PWM working! I REPEAT, PWM Working with threadripper 2950x This is best day on my life LOL TTRGB plus version: 1.3.7
  5. I have written 2 messages via TT support central, (https://my.thermaltake.com/csTech.aspx) but nobody answered me. Annoying... I think I will send back these buggy overpriced #### to the seller.
  6. Yes, the TT software and a controller is a buggy #### I have a problem with the controllers, too. The TT RGB Plus always lose the controller hubs randomly. I have 5 hubs with correct settings (connected with bridge cable), and working ~2-3 days,.. Then the software lost the connection with the 2nd and 3rd hub but the 1st and the 5th is still working... (Windows still recognize the Common USB hubs) When I have restarted the PC the still have the problem. BUT If I shut down the PC and wait 10 min and restart it, the software can recognize the controllers again.. Does anyone e
  7. Hello Thermaltake, Why don't we get an answer? I'm very disappointed! This was the last time I bought Thermaltake!!! I wrote emails, I wrote forum messages, and with no answer! This is SHAME THERMALTAKE!!! This is the worst product with the worst support with highest price!!! I hope Thermalte you read this!
  8. Ok, "good to hear" i'm not alone with this problem... So please Thermaltake create a solution to this problem! Anybody? We have same problem with AMD Threadripper processors. Please help us!
  9. Hi, I have a system with 23 Riing trio radiator fans, but the TT RGB plus software can't read my system / processor temperature. The 6 controllers working good. I can set the color and the speed manually. But i woluld like to set PWM with auto fan speed... Motherboard: Asus zenith extreme Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 TT RGB PLUS version: 1.3.3 I had run the TTRGB PLUS by system admin. HWINFO output (I see my processor temperature in the HWINFO): ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:System = 6.95148e-310---------------------- ---------
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