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  1. I have one of these, a snowy one. Really easy to work on. I even managed to shoe-horn an R9 290 in there by removing the front panel which allowed me to get all the power plugs into that beast! ive since replaced the R9 monster with a dinky RX560.
  2. Hi all. Ive had a few Thermaltake cases, ive currently got a snow edition V1 cube and I was looking at this lil case and wondering if it could be convereted to take a BTX board. I have an old BTX FM2 set up that I would like to re house in a new case but being BTX you try finding cool BTX cases, you have no chance! however, its a mBTX board so its quite small, about 9" square. Too big for my lil V1 snow but would conceivably fit in a Core V5 or similar no doubt IF the back was the otherway round that is. So here is my question: if I took an ATX cube case that takes 9" mATX boards, i took the rear plate off by drilling out the pop rivets and turned it around, rivetting it back in place, would I be able to turn it into a BTX case?
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