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  1. In this case I have tried them individually in every DIMM slot in pairs and one by one. As it turned out since it was firmware communication error with the my new Z490 chipset and after a month of constant nagging and countless emails they have admitted it was a firmware problem and updated the Toughram software. Now it works as intended. However thanks, for the tip.
  2. Hi all, Anyone else having the Toughram software broken. The moment I run it the LEDs on my modules freeze and I am unable to control them. If I restart the application it doesn`t even recognize them anymore. I have tried everything including a whole Windows reinstall. I have started with Toughram-z-one RGB and even ordered another set of the original RGB Toughram but the problem is the same. I have no other RGB controlling software installed. Thermaltake does not even answer on any forums at all. Over the last few weeks I have tried to contact them both via the global support and local (Germany) tech support, Global and local FB page, forums and got 0 answers. They seem to be disappeared and don`t give a #### at all. Any insights? It is driving me nuts. Ps.: the most ridiculous of all, G.Skill`s RGB controlling software CAN controll the Tt modules lighting, but obviously the RGB sync feature to other Tt products is not available, which is the whole point of their advertised Tt Plus Ecosystem which I have fallen to as well... Any suggestions about how to fix this issue or get support of them would be greatly appreciated! 2ndexample2.mp4
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