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  1. Dude, Thankyou like really thankyou. Thats a real sweet setup you got there and I saw your videos, nicee. Thankyou for the rads, meaning 45mm thickness uptop and 60 on front right. For airflow i was thinking having intakes where the dust filters are and I dont think I would go with the distro plate but instead fit another radiator there. Also, #### that was some info about petg melting, we dont want that now do we.
  2. Hey guys how are you doing in such a time? So, since I was a kid I always had this dream of having the awesomest gaming setup ever, passion evolved into obsession when I could not fulfill my dream, many years later and working and saving alot of money, I just wanna roll my self in the best unnecessary over the top build ever so I could look at it and be satisfied and fulfilled. I live in Pakistan, so part availability has been a Huge issue (understatement) and I could not get the two most coveted items that I wanted: the Corsair 1000d and an Ax1600I psu, as well as next gen ryzen or intell (may 20 reveal was disappointing so i shifted to amd) with a godlike equivalent mobo and the 3080ti (to be released) as well as a fully decorated large gaming room. However, due to Covid-19 and other issues, no renovations so no specific gaming room for atleast another year so I have forcefully possessed a spare room (its crap and old but renewed the wiring) till then and my build order that I have purchased but yet to arrive (covid-deliveries ugh) Which is now : TT View 71 TG edition, Ryzen 3900x, Msi x570 Unify, an oem 2080ti msi Aero from china (to be watercooled), xpg gammix 2TB s11 pro ssd, LG C9 4k-120hz display new and a pg279q old, an Hx1200i Psu, ram cant find a good one yet, and other peripherals. Sorry for the rant just bear with my excitement, thanks. So, I am a noob and its gonna be my first not only pc build but a hardtubing custom watercooled build (One can learn a lot by research and videos). Thus i went ahead and ordered 4 ML140mm fans for 3 on a 420 rad uptop and 1 rear exhaust, 6 ML120mm fans for 2 x 360 rads in front and side. Note: these are pro version non-rgb and very high Static pressure and CFM ( its hot where I live and I use headphones and a ceiling fan so noise is a non-issue). Now I find myself in a tricky spot, and this is where i need Help from all you learned enthusiasts. What rads should I put in there? I mean the manual of the chassis gives the length and width of supported Rads but no mention of thickness. Also how can i configure an intake exhaust airflow for minimal dust and a good positive airflow? Basically, guys you have my specs, how much thickness should be the top 420 rad and the front and side 360 rads? So they dont conflict with each other and possible fittings, and/or according to possible airflow configs like top and front intake while side exhaust or vice versa. My situation is such that I cannot go to a local shop get the stuff I want check if it fits return and get what works. Rather I would need to plan everything and then Import specific stuff from Aliexpress (barrow and Bykski) which would take 2 months or more to reach me and then I cant just return stuff if they dont fit. I hope you guys understand. Also, how would I measure the possible supported thickness of the Rads in this chassis, is there like a tutorial? I could not find answers to these queries of mine, I hope you can help a buddy out here in an underdeveloped nation.
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