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  1. Basically the title. ☝ I have two sets of two Riing Plus/ Pure Plus controllers daisy-chained to each other. This is working fine at the moment, but I am taking up both USB 2 headers on my motherboard. Would it be possible to daisy-chain all four together to free up an additional header so I can reuse the ports on the front of the case? Thank you for reading!
  2. Hello Alvin, Thank you for the reply. I found the mounting bracket and the cooler is functioning correctly. The issue is that the contact plate does not fully cover the CPU. It looks like I simply made the wrong purchase and chose the incorrect model. Luckily I am not experiencing high temps and not currently running the CPU to its limits. It looks like I will need to purchase the TR4 version if I indeed want the entire CPU surface to be covered by the cooler's contact plate to ensure proper cooling at higher loads.
  3. Hello, I purchased a Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition thinking that it would fit an AMD Threadripper CPU. It does cover most of the CPU, but... there is a version of this cooler that comes with a separate copper plate to maximize the contact with the surface of the processor, the Floe Riing RGB 360 TR4 Edition. Is it possible to purchase this copper plate separately? Thank you for reading!
  4. Hi James, thank you for the reply. I was able to solve the issue by connecting the SATA power cord to another set of fans that require SATA power. The two sets (the additional fans and case fans) are powered by the same SATA cord connected to the power supply. I'm not sure why this works but I am now getting the fans to light up and spin. I realize that the original problem was the SATA power cord needed to be plugged in.
  5. I am attempting to connect to a GIGABYTE TRX40 AORUS MASTER motherboard. I have a Floe Riing 360 set up in the top of the case that is working fine. Attached are photos of the connection. I can provide a video example of the case power-up and fan light up/no spin. Here are my working theories as to the malfunction: My initial suspicions are with the cables that were provided with the case. I am using the [E] Cable with the 4-pin connector (+5,D,-,G). They do not connect well with the motherboard and slip off easily. I have tried the other cable that was bundled with the case [F] but cannot find a suitable pin on the mobo to connect to. A small part of the first suspect is the COM1 cable that has a SATA connection. My initial thinking is that this is to chain SATA power from the mobo to a nearby SATA drive. That logic falls apart when I compare it to the Floe Riing that requires both USB and a SATA power supply. When I try to connect this to a SATA cable into the power supply, the power supply throws out a warning light and the case fan lights no longer turn on. Since this is a step in the opposite direction I chose to disconnect this cable. It doesn't seem like it needs the power from the mobo and the power supply. I did not want to turn on the power once I saw the warning light and saw that the fans no longer lit up, so I don't know what happens next (maybe the fans do work!). The connector in question is in the second photo labeled caseRGBcontroller.jpg Next suspicion is an incompatibility with the mobo, though I am not sure how to troubleshoot this. I do not have an rgb compatible mobo as a spare. The working Floe Riing, with its USB connector and molex power supply, leads me to believe that there isn't enough power going to the case fans that the mobo provides. The pin may only have enough power for a light, not a light and a fan. My last suspicion is that they were DOA and will not spin up. This seems very odd to me as the case was shipped in perfect condition and I have not damaged the case in any way. It's frustrating to be at the finish line and not be able to cross it. Any advice anyone can provide is greatly appreciated! Thank you, and be well.
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