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  1. If you need to find some fmcg dealership, you can try https://ttline.online/en because I have experience buying some products in bulk. They delivered everything quickly and at a good purchase price
  2. Good afternoon! Yes, I have. I used empty space on my wall in bedroom and applied cool cherry blossom wall decal here.
  3. Do you have a garage in your home? Is it hard to build? Is it expensive?
  4. I don't have a car yet. I am still saving money for a car
  5. I really don't have someone I can take to do the test drive unfortunately, none of my close family drive, that's what is making it more difficult otherwise I'd probably have bought a car by now. I'll put in the average at 10,000 miles, I will be commuting but I'll be likely changing jobs and that could be further/nearer. The insurance is expensive, my quotes have been around £1700 but I had only been considering fully comp up till now. If I did get fully comp, would I get any money back on the car at all or would it just be written off and that's it? I'll look into seeing if third party
  6. It's normal for #### drive to lower as time goes on. You can think of it as trading passion for intimacy (not saying it's a true trade) just communicate that you want more and work to reignite the spark. Everyone's #### life in relationships is different, focus on communication and it'll help
  7. nice admin.. really great info... thnaks
  8. Hi, I had already posted my problem here, but I think I did not express well, the headphones work properly on any PC with another system other than Windows 10. My headphones pass by warranty, carried out tests on a PC with Windows 8, everything working normally, but in my pc (I have Windows 10) only works volume control. I'm waiting for some solution wing or help. Thanks
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