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  1. I wired up the rear fan and an led strip running off of the case controller (so they work with the front strip off the native Tt controller). That is just solid blue right now. I have the strip between the motherboard mount and the back panel, so it is a backlight. I then have a couple of straight RGB fans running off the asrock RGB header, and a set of intake fans (and another strip) running off of the asrock argb header. Looks like a party in there. It is black and white with one blue rear exhaust and two orange top fans. I even got an 'Aperture Laboratories' magnet sticker on the shelf, so it is sort of Portal themed. I think the case front LEDs are wired straight to the case controller. You would probably have to disassemble the front to see the LED strip and small built-in argb controller card. I don't know how you could drive the case lights from a board header, though. I am sure it could be accomplished, but was not something I did.
  2. Check the orientation of the pins. I may have them 'upside down', but you can trace the 5v, ground and 12v from the sata and the remaining line is the argb data.
  3. Don't mean to necro a thread, but I thought someone may find this useful. I tapped into that connector to create a 3 pin JST for a 5v addressable RGB strip. From the bottom picture (clip on top of the 2.54 JST four pin connector) Left to Right: 1. rgb data 2. 5v 3. common ground 4. 12v That end, in JST, is called the FEMALE connector, as that is driven by the connector (and not the pins). So I re-pinned a four pin (removing the 12v line) on a male connector, then soldered the lines: 5v data and ground, in the order for a female three pin JST 2.54 pitch, which plugged directly into my LED strip. My case came with three argb fans on that connector (from Skytech) with the same custom four pin JST. Full on 12v fans with no control. Moved two exhaust out (and replaced with MB header driven fans) and put a 47 ohm 1 watt resistor in the 12v line to slow the rear exhaust down a bit. Love my H200 TG, but the wiring is confusing with no explanation.
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