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  1. Thank you, here ya go. TTRGBPlus_Log.txt
  2. Thank you for your response and efforts. I have followed your instructions and have a ringplus folder with logs inside (no zip file was generated though, just the .text) Where do I send this to?
  3. Purchased 2 packs of the 140mm RGBPLUS and have had nothing but trouble. If I install the program It will work, but if I turn off my computer it will freeze after windows shuts down and monitors disconnect. I have to hold the power button down to force shutdown the computer. When I boot up the pc everything is fine until Thermal Take's software starts to load and I have a complete system freeze, unable to move the mouse cursor. forcing me to do a hard shutdown . This cycle keeps happening until I uninstall the software. I've tried re installing the software The dip switches on the controller are properly set Im going to try a older version but I doubt it will work based off of reading some of the google search results (I'll update post later if it does work) one more thing that occurs when thermal take software boots up, is I hear windows make the sound of a device disconnecting before the freeze . It's a long shot but I'm just curious of anyone knows of a work around or fix? any help is appreciated, Thanks.
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