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  1. So I am starting to notice that it really only happens when the PC is under load.
  2. Hi, I'm coming back to this thread again because for a while I stopped using Razer connect at all for the fans and rarely experienced any issues. Until about 2 weeks the fans RGB was working fine. Then I started seeing the same issue again where all of the fans on a controller would just randomly go to default until I restarted my PC. There was no rhyme or reason to why the fans would desync, I haven't been able to force the issue to happen. I have recently tried a third controller and experienced the same issue. I would really like help with this because it is getting frustrating, I never had any issues at all with the Pure Plus fans but the Trios have been a big PITA.
  3. I have had the issue in Apex Legends and Mortal Kombat 11. Both of those are games that control Razer's lights when you play them.
  4. There were 2 fans originally on Controller 1 when I first experienced the issue, when I moved 2 of them over to then have 3 on each the issue only appeared on Controller 2. As for connectivity, there doesn't seem to be any issues with the way they're connected. I have stopped using Razer sync for the past few days and have had 0 issues with them whatsoever, so I believe there may be an issue with the way Synapse and TT RGB Plus are communicating when a game starts controlling the lights for Synapse.
  5. I'm using an EVGA BR 600W 80+ PSU Since I am using 2 Controllers for the 6 fans I have both controllers on their own molex cable. I have nothing else connected with molex aside from the 2 controllers. One thing I did notice, is when I moved two of the fans to the other controller started having the issue. So previously, Controller Number 1 with 5 fans had the issue, then I moved to of those fans to Controller Number 2 and then issue no longer affects Controller Number 1, but does affect Controller Number 2.
  6. I've been having some issues with my Riing Trio fans when they're connected to Razer Synapse. My setup is 6 Riing Trios and 2 controllers, 3 on each controller. The issue is when I'm playing a game that uses Razer connect (where Razer controls the lighting based on the game being played i.e Apex Legends) After a short time the fans will switch to default color losing all connection with Razer. I am then unable to change any profile on the fans until I restart my PC, then everything will function normally until it decides to bug out again. I originally experienced this issue with Controller 1 when I had 5 fans installed on it, I then switched 2 of them to my second controller thinking in might have been a power issue, but now the issue is only occurring on Controller 2. I know I could use the fans without connecting to Razer but that's literally the only reason I chose these fans over Corsair fans. Has anyone experienced this issue before and could offer me any advice.
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