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Everything posted by najiro

  1. Popoy Ramdom from the Philippines Runs the fanpage Bernardo Modshop Here's some of his work CROMO by BERNARDO * featured at bit-tech.net HELIX by Bernardo Modshop Other mods - Hero - Corsair 550d (in-progress) - Blank Space
  2. I nominate two modders: 1) Jan Hendrik VanToorn - Philippines Recent Work 2) Franco Art Warboy - Italy Recent Work His fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/Torinoaerografie/
  3. Great job man! I have to say the level of creativity and skill done here is very impressive! just WOW! Keep it up!
  4. hahaha! gives a whole new meaning to 'CASE FEET' nice work!
  5. voting for Ron Lee Christianson! Good luck to other modders as well.
  6. I'm a huge fan as well! Glad to see some update and really excited about the theme! Looking forward for the mod!
  7. Just wondering, any guide about the macros? I wanted to add media player shortcut keys in the macros. Other than recording the fn+media keys, any other way of doing it? Also custom lighted keys other than the preset ones. Thanks
  8. I have to say I am WOWed by this keyboard! Here are my first impressions. 1) Sounds better than brand C's K7* cherry red. This is more silent. 2) Key caps doesn't feel plastic. Feels like something else and I hope it stays that way after long period of use. 3) Love the lighting effects! the other MKB I use doesn't have that. 4) Very heavy keyboard! It feels solid! I'm ready for a sudden zombie apocalypse now! LOL Edit: 5) I forgot, this uses a single USB port only. the K7* uses two LOL. I miss having the dedicated media keys on the upper-right corner of the keyboard though.
  9. I too have problems with the theron mice locking or prolonging mouse 1 or mouse 2 functions. Any solutions to this? It killing my gaming
  10. Heath is overqualified! haha Just kidding! If I can nominate another person, I'd nominate him too.
  11. Andrew Lee Adanza https://www.facebook.com/andrewleekho/media_set?set=a.10204853137300843.1073741839.1011518576&type=3 He recently made this mod with the following images below. I believe its a scratch build. Great skills IMHO
  12. Voting for [TH] Suchao Prowphong he got interesting ideas!
  13. Kinda torn here but I'm really looking forward to Suchao's mod. Suchao Prowphong of Thailand gets my vote
  14. my highest so far... yet far from others LOL why am I only up to round 2? I see others are in 'round 3'?
  15. Core V1 Review at Pro-Clockers.com http://proclockers.com/reviews/computer-cases/thermaltake-core-v1-chassis-review
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