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  1. I just purchased the Challenger Prime V2 today, and I'm trying to get my Macro keys to work with OBS but so far I have no luck. I want to be able to swap scenes using hotkeys when I'm in a game (currently testing in Valorant), so I don't have to keep swapping tabs to change scenes. The hotkeys work if I press them manually, but if they're bound to the macro keys nothing happens. I've tried everything and nothing seems to be working. I've tried running OBS as admin, I've tried all the key combinations I can think of that don't get used by the game, but still no luck. If I'm in OBS itself, the Macro keys do the job fine, but when I'm not in that tab the keys don't seem to work properly (it still does the same input but OBS for some reason doesn't pick it up) What can I do to fix this?
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