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  1. So there is following issue. i just set up a completely new system yesterday, i have 3 x Riing Quad 12 on my radiator and 2 x Riing Trio 14 in the top of the case (level 20 HT). the issue here is, i connected everything right, so i have 2 controllers, one with the 5 fans and then 1 extra for the cpu block, daisychained it, put the usb 2.0 on the mainboard and both controllers to a molex. when i go into the rgb plus i cant find riing quad and the quad fans change the color when i select riing trio and the color of the trio fans cant be changed at all. the rgb plus also doesnt detect the second controller, also set up right, the controller 1 is default setting and on 2nd one i pushed the 1 up. the question now is are quad and trio not compatible on the same controller or am i missing something out? i use the controllers that came with the fans not the one that came with the case. because i clearly cant figure out what could be wrong at all.
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