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  1. How to Get a Refund for Tinder Gold? Tinder is a leading location-based dating platform that allows its users to swipe to like and dislike other profiles based on their profile pics, a small bio, and common interests. If the two users are matched, they can exchange messages and proceed for a date. The users can manage subscription and tinder refund from the app store. In case it is Google Play Store, you have open the Google Play Store on your computer and follow the below procedure to get Tinder Gold Refund. Here are the steps to get Refund for Tinder Gold; Navigate to Google Play Store Navigate to Order History and Choose the Tinder Subscription Select More and Report a Problem Select a Refund option and complete any explanations Tap on Report Now you will get the acknowledgment The refund process takes time. Tinder will notify you whether you are eligible to get a refund for your subscription or not. If they find you eligible for refund, they will refund you. This was the procedure to request for a refund. Meanwhile, if you come across any issues, we at Tinder support are out there. Here we let the Tinder users know how to get Refund Tinder Gold or how to get Tinder refund. Get In Touch Web: Refund Tinder Gold FAQ: How to Refund Tinder Gold,Tinder Plus Refund,Tinder Refund,Tinder Gold Refund,Refund Tinder Gold, How to Get Tinder Refund, 31 San Antonio,TX 7820
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