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  1. Hi, guys, updating that I was contacted and passed my PSU to the local representative, they so far gave me a temporary replacement one and will decide on possible replacement to another model within a month. Thanks for assisting, hope for the proper resolution.
  2. Hi and thanks, but so far no news, noone contacted me since. It's a beginning of the week though, so we'll see.
  3. I was messaged on my email by I guess the Taiwanian division that said they have informed malaysian one and they will contact me soon, here's the emails: Looking forward to this, been with a dead PSU for 2 weeks now. 2020-08-18 10:27 GMT+08:00, CS3 <CS3@thermaltake.com.tw>: > Hi Putenikhin > We have already inform our Malaysia office. > They will contact you soon. > Thank you. > > From: Sergey Putenikhin > Sent: Monday, August 17, 2020 3:01 PM > To: CS3 <CS3@thermaltake.com.tw> > Subject: Re: Warranty replacement of PSU > > Hi, can you please advise how soon something will happen? Will they contact > me or? What's the next steps I should expect? And noone contacted me from the local team yet. Still sitting with the dead PC.
  4. Hi, guys, do you know when will they respond anything to me? So far not a single response in any of the available channels and I'm sitting with a dead PC.
  5. Thank you, hope it will be reviewed. Because so far the local TT Malaysia team in Facebook are only advising me to have a 3rd replacement for the same unit.
  6. Hello everyone. Posted the ticket to TT support, but not sure if I'll get the feedback. Here's the story. I'm in Malaysia and bought a 1200W Toughpower Grand RGB PSU from local online shop Lazada from a seller Netstore who is a local authorized reseller of Thermaltake. In around a month from receiving and starting to use it I started to hear electric clicks that within time increased (here's the first video https://photos.app.goo.gl/3FmuM5HUp1kkkrmy6), they addressed TT and replaced me the unit to a same new one. So ~2 months passed and I noticed my replaced unit started to make same noise. Sent them a couple of videos because at first they said it is normal (sic!) (2 links here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/V69NacAd2zcqNpF9A and https://photos.app.goo.gl/EAmp48eGvETuDubx6) as you can see in these 2 above the clicks were lower in frequency but they did not stop. So they were increasing further and now it came to a point that my stabilizer is getting shut down after 1-2 seconds of switching the PC on by a short circuit (breaker gets shut out). The seller is again offering me to replace to the same unit. I asked them to address TT and select another more advanced and expensive one (and pay the difference of course) but they say TT have rejected the request and insist that I should install the third same unit in a row. I just wonder is it a faulty line of PSUs? I did not find a single thing about similar issues with them online. All other electronics are working excellent in the house and I already bought a stabilizer after the first replacement case which obviously did not help. Before that I was having a 750W TT Fatal1ty PSU for around 7 years and never and a thing about its performance. Now got upgraded and am experiencing this. Does anyone else experience anything similar? Not sure why TT are not allowing another model replacement in here. It will be a third replacement to the possibly same outcome within 1-2 months, and what next? A 4th replacement to the same? What a mess! Never thought THIS component would be a problem in a PC and I don't really know what to do now.
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