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  1. Both of them are the PR22-D55 Plus (with RGB). I already tried flipping the cylinder upside down, but that didn't change the position of the ports and the pump at the bottom isn't affected by this. Are there like some screws to loosen in order to rotate the pump mount relative to the pump (with the outlet port remaining the same)?
  2. Hello. I installed a PR22 pump some time ago and would now like to upgrade my rig and bought another PR22. The new pump however has the D5 base rotated, so the cable comes out the other way and I can see the technical specification, whereas the first pump is rotated 'correctly'. Another issue is, that the top of the new reservoir is rotated so that the RGB-Cable comes out another way and the water inlet/air ports are at other places. Is there some possibility to rotate the pump and reservoir to match the existing one, as I'm mounting them next to each other and it would look bad if they are so differently rotated. Thank you for your help.
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