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  1. Hi there. Yeah, I like hunting and I have good experience in this. Hunting, fishing and camping are my favorite outdoor activities. I have a lot of special gear for this, so usually my rest is comfortable! By the way if you bought new rifle and don't know where to get high quality optics, I can recommend to research this site https://www.agmglobalvision.com/ there are a lot of cool devices!
  2. Hey guys. Thanks for answers. I decided to delegate this task for my wife and I will only help to maintain our garden!
  3. It depends on what type of fighting do you like. I agree with previous answer, I think you should choose between boxing, kickboxing and some grappling like Jiu-Jitsu. Personally I prefer last variant, very cool sport. With jiu jitsu headgear you will feel good even after sparring.
  4. Hello guys. Do you have a garden/backyard? How do you choose the right plants for a garden? Can you share your experience?
  5. Inmatty

    Golf thread

    Hi guys. Are there golf players? Can you recommend some good golf instructor for my girlfriend? She is a beginner.
  6. Hello. In my opinion it is quite difficult to say. There are so many cool girls from different countries and I'm sure that you don't know a lot of them. Personally I like Julia Ann, Raylene, Leah Gotti, Alison Tyler and of course Lana Rhodes. Here you can always find more cool hot videos!
  7. What are the benefits of wood burning fireplaces? Do you have this at home?
  8. Good day. Trading is good modern way to make money in internet now and many people work with it. There can be several types of trading, you should research all info about them. Talking about futures, it is really good variant to try. I recommend to read about Digitex and their Reward program on https://digitexfutures.com/blog/the-dgtx-rewards-program-is-live/ maybe this will be interesting for you.
  9. What are famous celebrity nudes? What do you like?
  10. Hi there. Yes, as I know it is possible. You shouldn't worry, just focus on the problem and its decision. I recommend you to research best iphone recovery software and choose relevant application for your needs. Usually such tools can provide really good results! Good luck!
  11. Hello! Do you mean some device with thermal imaging?
  12. Hello guys! I want to try services form Bluehost provider. Did you have experience with this? Or better will be to choose some other variant?
  13. Hello. I usually training in the gym. I like bodybuilding! Very good thing for health, especially if you have problems with your back. I even want to try to take a part in some competitions! For this purpose I decided to buy steroids here(company website) and use them during next month. Hope my results will be great!
  14. Personally I think if you have money you can earn on trading. There are many such platforms now so competitions can be really high.
  15. Yes, you are right but I think it is good idea to buy good personal computer with expensive hardware. If you have money why not? For example my PC is old, but I play only Dota 2. I recently buy new account from dota 2 mmr boost z3ddota site, now I can play with professional players in match-making!:)
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