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  1. I have 6 Pure Plus fans plugged into two controllers (3 each) and I am now getting an issue where one fan from each controller is not syncing with the rest of the fans. This happens on every startup. In the photo below, you can see that for whatever reason, the 2nd fan is not 'active' but the 5th fan in the background is. Activating the 2nd fan and deactivating the 5th fan solves this issue, and the photo below is what the program SHOULD look like on every system startup. I have no idea why the software suddenly started to behave this way. Any ideas on a fix?
  2. Yes, that cable does get plugged into the mobo I've just built a PC with the same cooler. You should see an AIO pump header on your mobo for that cable to plug in to.
  3. The 6 fans in question aren't actually hooked up to a radiator. I accidentally bought radiator fans and I didn't have time to return them. They aren't too loud.
  4. Hey everyone, Recently built myself a PC, and part of that are these 6 fans; the Pure Plus 12s. When I start the computer the fans assume the default RGB settings, right up until my desktop loads and the TT RGB program loads up, then they switch over to what I've actually set them to. I've also got the TT fans that came with my AIO CPU cooler (TH360 ARGB SYNC) but they start on the correct colour. They're all wired up as per the instructions, via two controllers running in bridge mode. Any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it?
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