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  1. Yes, I'm probably the only one using the drive bays....but they look good...and they house 14TB....which is not enough for me - total count is 28TB...let's say I love 4K movies and games
  2. Hi guys, I checked the forum a few years ago before buying my View 71....but just now created a profile. After primarily having used standard beige cases (back in the 90's), silent cases (Antec p180 and such), then going full blue (Antec twelve hundred), this case was actually my very first RGB build (in a midlife crisis, some buy a Ferrari, I bought myself a glass case haha....no money for the Ferrari ). I can remember seeing the first pics of this case and immediately falling in love...what design, and now after years owning it I still love it just as much, or even more.....some ppl mentioned the downsides....yes, when it comes to cable management on the right side...it's atrocious lol....I have come as far as currently not being able to close the right panel....should spend a day to get that sorted out I'm guessing (RGB controller, PWM controller, lots of cables, SSD,...) but no dust build-up as of yet....I haven't even done the 'peel' for the top panel (as there rests my 4disk external drive bay - don't wanna scratch the glass) nor the right panel (as with the cable management, out of sight, out of mind . Long story short - I quickly changed the standard (blue) TT fans to Corsair LL fans....3 x 120 in front, 2 x 120 down below and 1 x 140 in the back....as they had an issue, all these have been changed to Corsair QL fans. The h115i aio has the Corsair ML fans....and there lies my question....I would want to change those for QL fans as well (temps are more than ok, so the lesser pressure of the QL fans would not be an issue) but I would want to make it a push-pull configuration. As there is no space to lower the aio an additional fan size (25mm) as it would get in the way of the motherboard and memory, I was wondering - has anyone done a push-pull configuration with a top-mounted aio? Did you reverse the top bracket for more space? Or did you mount the 'pull' fans on top of the bracket? That's the thing I am eager to know....Google apparently does not have this specific information.....and I do want to know before spending top dollar for extra QL fans . The reason I am wondering is because when doing a push-pull with the bracket in between, there is probably going to be much air escaping between the 2-3mm gap of the top bracket. My temps are fine, and will probably remain fine when going from the aio ML fans (higher static pressure) to the QL fans, but every degree won is a possibility to oc the cpu a little bit more....and as my order for an RTX3080 after 3 months has still no outlook, I need all the frames I can get (*cough* Cyberpunk 2077 and RDR2)
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