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  1. After a few restarts and changing of USB ports it's finally being recognized in device manager and disk mangement. Hooray! However the drive won't appear in my computer. Disk management is oddly saying there's nothing on it too - definetly know that's not true. Check out the below screen. http://i61.tinypic.com/10xyl5j.jpg
  2. Not at all. The laptop has gone away for repairs due to issues with the fan - completley unrelated. Don't have a spare to test it on. I highly doubt it would be dead. When the laptop went in for repairs I took the hard drive out specifically so I would still be able to access my data. Hence me purchasing the hard drive docking station. Not appearing in disk management.
  3. Intel SSD 520 Series 480GB. It's my laptops hard drive. Been installed as long as I've had the laptop - about a year and a bit.
  4. My BlacX Duet 5G docking station will not recognize my Solid State hard drive. I've tried different cables, USB ports and computers - still the same issue. Tried a non solid state drive in the docking station and it worked fine. Any ideas as to why the SSD isn't appearing?
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