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  1. So it's been 2.5 weeks since I called Adam from TT (22nd Jan) but surprise, surprise, he never replied to my emails or gave me a call. To summarise everything: I raised 2 webchat requests, sent 9 polite emails, created 4 forum posts and made a phone call. With all that, I had a single email back and then I was completely ignored and finally, lied to on the phone. What an absolute joke! I'm giving up now and will never use this company again. This is the most effort I've ever had to make with any company, ever. NEVER USE THERMALTAKE. They couldn't care less about their customers. Just look at their Trustpilot reviews and of course, you can see the trouble I've had.
  2. Thanks for you comment and good wishes! I ended up phoning them the other day and was pleasantly surprised that I managed to speak with him. He said he hasn't heard back from the other team and due to the brexit situation, there's a backlog at the moment. He suggested I wait a couple of weeks and he'll get to me. If not, I'll give them another call. I'll update here with any news.
  3. Update: Still hadn't heard back so I forwarded the email to the other two email addresses I'd been trying before, in case Adam's been off work? So now, it's gone to Adam, cs3@thermaltake.com.tw and support.uk@thermaltake.com. As you can see, I haven't mentioned Adam's last name in respect to keeping his work information private, of course. Plus, I'm sure you have your employee info on your side TT and presume that's enough. I look forward to hearing back as I'm very tired of chasing and not hearing anything. Kind regards
  4. Update: I had a first response (thank you TT) after my 8 attempts above, in the form of an email from their marketing manager last week on Tuesday at 09:19am. I replied within 30 mins at 09:45am and have been waiting to hear back, since then. It'd been over a week, so I'd just sent a polite chaser to confirm my email came through okay and to see if things are okay from their side.
  5. Web contact 01/12: No reply. Web contact 04/12: No reply. Email contact 08/12 to cs3@thermaltake.com.tw No reply. Email contact 13/12 to cs3@thermaltake.com.tw and support.uk@thermaltake.com: Still no reply. So created an account and listed everything here. I've put everything here and sent this email to cs3@thermaltake.com.tw and support.uk@thermaltake.com:
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