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  1. Recently bought a Thermaltake kit with the PR-15 DDC Pump/Reservoir. Nowhere in the instructions is it mentioned what/where the lone blue wire is for or where it should be connected....
  2. Thanks for the link. I figured siphoning it was the obvious way (I'm a bit of a gear head and have had to siphon more then one differential). Did some digging and found this https://www.thermaltakeusa.com/pacific-drain-valve-black.html so I am guessing I just need to get a "T", a plug and a fitting to hook the "T" to the pump. I really would have liked to go with the hard tube one, I like the way the rigid lines look....which is one of the reasons I am asking about a drain. I have a friend who is REALLY good at bending brake/fuel lines who has volunteered to bend the lines up for m
  3. I am upgrading my system....bought a Ryzen 3950x. AMD suggests a minimum 280mm cooler so this gave me an excuse to buy some near stuff. I got a Tower 900 and a Pacific C360 DDC soft tube kit. I am a photographer and have my images broken down to a year a hard drive so I needed a case that holds multiple (5) 3.5" drives. Anyway...was watching TV last night and started thing that at some point I may have to drain the coolant...how does one do so? I looked at several images and none of them showed a drain on the pump/reservoir.
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