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  1. The Smart SE series is a semi modular PSU series, meaning that you can connect only the necessary power cables from the PSU to your devices.
    It's not really a important factor, but some people (like me), prefer to not have useless cables lying around in the case, as well as cable management.


    Other than that, they're both practically the same thing.

  2. Battery, what battery? EDIT: Didn't see the previous post, no point saying the same thing

    Also, it might be the cable. This happened to my old USB Microsoft IntelliMouse.

    Since you're playing games, like TF2, as aforementioned, you would be moving your mouse more, causing the cable to twist and contort.
    And the issue we should all know about cables are breakages. Could be a loose connection to the mice's circuit board, etc.


    If it's past the warranty (2 years), then you can be adventurous and open up the mouse to check the joints.

    But if it is still under warranty, then you should submit an RMA.

  3. I agree, hoodies / T-shirts, and a 3 foot by 5 foot flag, I've seen them online in fan posts, but can't find them, basically all the stuff you see / give away at places like Computex, and the PC events on the west coast USA that people like myself (east coast) can't get to.

    But most of all, a FAN CONTROLLER that can compete against the likes of Lamptron, AND a mouse pad wrist rest compatible with the length of the DRACONEM.  I would also say custom liquid cooling options, but I know you're working on those. :D

    Possibly a few more "flagship" items?  Like some top end headphones (that go against the likes of Seinnheiser / Bose), or some top end PC speakers?  And I mean audiophile quality, something that will #### off the neighbors, but still have them admit "#### that's nice tho....". I know stuff like that is expensive and the market is limited.

    Is there any reason why Tt hasn't made RAM or motherboards?  Market over-saturation maybe?

    I also have the ASUS Front Base dual bay panel, and I love it.  Something like that would be awesome too.


    ThermalTake is a computer peripheral company, ram and motherboards would fall into computer parts. Plus those are much harder to manufacture. Though it's a good idea, even if they do release these things, who would buy them when other brands, ie kingston already have a large customer base

  4. You should troubleshoot the fan first

    • Rotate the fan blades whilst power is on (Sometimes the fans don't turn)
    • Check for visible breakages or faults
    • Check that the fan connector is properly attached to the motherboard/fan controller

    By saying two weeks I assume that you bought the fan (or the case inc. fan) two weeks ago. In that case, it SHOULD be under warranty, and you should be able to get a replacement


    Otherwise, ThermalTake Luna fans and the BitFenix Spectre / Spectre Pro series are great options.

    The BitFenix Spectre fans are really good, however installation is quite a pain, as you will need to enlarge the holes for #### before you can install it; and that's fiddly

  5. Don't worry.  following is Australia and New Zealand branch contact information.


    Thermaltake Australia and New Zealand


    1/49 Henderson Rd

    Rowville VIC 3178


    Tel: 03 9763 1622


    Also, feel free to submit RMA through the Link


    For SWAP, you need to contact customer service directly and tell them your experience and ask for SWAP.


    Sorry for inconvenience and thanks for cooperation.

    Would I have to contact consumer service via phone? Or is there an online/email method?


    Hi Æ’єαтнєÑвєαÑ,

    Sorry to hear the experience you have for a white noise on SHOCK One.

    That's not normal for a headset.


    All your SHOCK Ones have a soft white noise problem, Please feel free to return for a RMA replacement.

    If you don't want the same product back, we can swap another product with the equivalent value.


    We will try our best to deliver your most satisfaction.


    Sorry for your inconvenience and thanks for your cooperation.


    Sorry for the delay, how would I go on about doing a(n) RMA/Swap?

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