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  1. I really feel like the paint job ruined it xD No offense, great work!
  2. What does the Button response tool do? And what's the default value O.o
  3. I sent an email on the 4th (of Jan 2015). But no reply. I guess I'll send another one
  4. The Smart SE series is a semi modular PSU series, meaning that you can connect only the necessary power cables from the PSU to your devices. It's not really a important factor, but some people (like me), prefer to not have useless cables lying around in the case, as well as cable management. Other than that, they're both practically the same thing.
  5. Battery, what battery? EDIT: Didn't see the previous post, no point saying the same thing Also, it might be the cable. This happened to my old USB Microsoft IntelliMouse. Since you're playing games, like TF2, as aforementioned, you would be moving your mouse more, causing the cable to twist and contort. And the issue we should all know about cables are breakages. Could be a loose connection to the mice's circuit board, etc. If it's past the warranty (2 years), then you can be adventurous and open up the mouse to check the joints. But if it is still under warranty, then you should submit an RMA.
  6. Yeah, not sure because the latest one (LEVEL 10M MOUSE AP_CN VERSION 1.0) is version one. Thermaltake, why can't you properly version stuff )_)
  7. So, my brother lost the wirele dongle. Is it possible to get a replacement dongle? It IS a $100+ mouse
  8. @TheEnos You lied! The power button does have a (blue) LED! (Please don't bash me xD) I kinda disliked the HDD lights (Weird purple light), so I change it to a blue one
  9. 1) Is it possible to change the power LED to red...? 2) If I install a Water 3.0 Extreme to the top, will there be enough space for a third 120mm fan? 3) How many fans does the case come with?
  10. How far does the receiver need to be from the mouse to operate? When operating on wireless mode, the mouse movements stutters, and it randomly slows down at times.
  11. ThermalTake is a computer peripheral company, ram and motherboards would fall into computer parts. Plus those are much harder to manufacture. Though it's a good idea, even if they do release these things, who would buy them when other brands, ie kingston already have a large customer base
  12. I think that's too far XD I'd like more public items (Shirts, Drink bottles, Bags, Hat, etc). Like, #THERMALTAKE_ON_EVERYTHING_AT_HOME isn't helping the publicity, because it's not like the public goes into your house
  13. You should troubleshoot the fan first Rotate the fan blades whilst power is on (Sometimes the fans don't turn) Check for visible breakages or faults Check that the fan connector is properly attached to the motherboard/fan controller By saying two weeks I assume that you bought the fan (or the case inc. fan) two weeks ago. In that case, it SHOULD be under warranty, and you should be able to get a replacement Otherwise, ThermalTake Luna fans and the BitFenix Spectre / Spectre Pro series are great options. The BitFenix Spectre fans are really good, however installation is quite a pain, as you will need to enlarge the holes for #### before you can install it; and that's fiddly
  14. When you click the above links, the page won't move to the page anchor. But basically, as said by HappyBuddhaman, it's at the bottom of the page Here's the driver link if you just want to get it - http://ttesports.com/files/Product_download/tt%20esports%20ventus%20ap%20v1.0.zip
  15. Would I have to contact consumer service via phone? Or is there an online/email method?
  16. Sorry for the delay, how would I go on about doing a(n) RMA/Swap?
  17. I seriously thought this was a joke until I clicked on the ebay link
  18. Unless I am cursed, and all 4 of my SHOCK One headsets are stuffed, I believed this was a fault during developement, rather an assembly/construction fault. Aka. It's meant to like that. Indeed, all my headsets produce a soft white noise (Doesn't bother me since it's somewhat soothing [Like the ocean]) Warranty won't help
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