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  1. Basically the run down is that I have 3 controllers, 1 for the 360RAD 2 others for a 5 pack of fans and a 3 pack of fans. Running a total of 11 TTE Riing Plus fans, in my system; the issue is that all my fans are working correctly apart from 1. upon booting my computer, the TTE RGB Plus software thinks that 1 fan is not connected as seen in picture below, but in reality the fan is connected and it does work, I have my rgb set to "blue" and that one fan upon boot is spinning but has default "color cycle" whereas the rest of my fans on boot are "blue" set by myself. I have to manually go into the software, and turn on that 1 fan to which it then turns blue and goes the correct user set speed etc. this reoccurs ewvery time i turn the computer off/on So the question if not clear already, why is 1 of the fans not being recognised by the software, and how do i fix this so the software realises that it's connected?
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