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  1. So, im using this OCK for idk how many years and then some weeks ago i went into ryzen and such and i really liked the platpform but man, i miss this dang cooler! The one that comes with the ryzen is so cheaply made, so noisy and hot in a way that dosnt even make sense. Also, when i tried on my motherboard, only one of the fans were spinning, and no control for the fan too since it was stuck in the lowest speed but i bet even on lowest it would be so so so much better. I live on brasil and here sometimes on my room the room temp goes above 40c so my pc keeps shuting down when gaming cpu intensive titles :c Id love to know how could i fit this cooler into an AM4, cause ryzen would've seem so much cooler with one of those hardcore overclocking kings cooler from back the day. I just miss so much the looks and cooling performance of this thing, i wish TT lend me a hand in this one... Look how cool this thing looks, its almost like a hot-rod motor rad man, i miss this.
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