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  1. Good day. All it depends on your budget and what exactly car do you want to buy. In general you should pay attention safety, engine, transmission, cost of ownership, warranties, automatic headlights and many other. I think better will be to hire specialist in this field to check your car. By the way, after buying, I recommend to apply ceramic coating https://ceramiccoatingreviews.com/ to protect exterior or your car from different issues. Works really great!
  2. Good day. Totally agree with you. There are so many cool blogs about audio devices and sound, so you can find almost everything you need. I usually read Stereodamage by Artem Ali, it is interesting blog with different helpful guides and reviews, highly recommend to visit.
  3. I think no. Of course all work is difficult, but if you made a renovation recently and have all necessary tools and equipment, there won't be some problems!
  4. Hey. Hunting is very cool thing and many people in all world like it. Personally for me hunting has been a huge part of my life culture and is part of a deep human identity and connection to our nature. Some people can say that we are killing animals, but it is nature!
  5. It depends on what type of fighting do you like. I agree with previous answer, I think you should choose between boxing, kickboxing and some grappling like Jiu-Jitsu. Personally I prefer last variant, very cool sport. With jiu jitsu headgear you will feel good even after sparring.
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