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  1. Hard choice this time. I would vote for all! This time go for Mhike!
  2. Definitely love your projects and the way to take these awesome photos! Looks awesome!
  3. That is the way i liked most! Looking good bro! Good luck!
  4. MooZ

    Nova Core - Core V1

    Now is done Guess lucky found his personal spaceship! Take off!
  5. MooZ

    Nova Core - Core V1

    Installing the front lights... Vcard installed and hdd led replacement
  6. MooZ

    Nova Core - Core V1

    The project parts: Making the thermal armor: Adding some details... Testing the location of each part, the thermal armor has three parts which frame around the waterblock. Mounting the waterblock allow to check each one. Also, the i/o ports will be cover. to fix to the motherboard i bend two pieces of acrylic that ends in the mounting hole. I/o was painted too. Masking was more difficult than i thought, but the result worth it More details... Time for start the final assembly:
  7. MooZ

    Nova Core - Core V1

    Modding the pump... I tried to install as separate pump, but the truth is, there's not enough space inside to put it So, my solution integrates pump and reservoir on top. Side test.
  8. MooZ

    Nova Core - Core V1

    I manage to get a vcard with twin frozn II, for use the heatsink, with a new black and white colors, and replace it into my N460 cyclone. Then the backplate... engraved logo and dragon Meanwhile the front:
  9. MooZ

    Nova Core - Core V1

    NMC fan&grill design in the middle an acrilic grill again... this time is transparent. placing on front panel... The new design for nova waterblock... putting the pieces together
  10. MooZ

    Nova Core - Core V1

    Time to paint... finally the shiny black. the screws didn't fit in the scheme with that tone, so, need to be painted too. Top ailerons are cut in angle (45 degree) to keep the inclination Now assembly...
  11. MooZ

    Nova Core - Core V1

    Cutting the cover of the front panel... More parts of the armor (top) The ailerons needs to be cutted in angle... by now are hold using presses
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