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  1. First: Thanks for your awnser Well, in the meanwhile I bought some used on eBay. As well, I bought on AliExpress some wiring, Dupont plugs, ARBG (Aqua Computer RGBpx) plugs and crimps, so I'm going to Tinker these Fans to be multi Useable on Farbwerk 360 (ARGB Controller) and QUADRO (PWM Fan Controller). Since I'm on that way all the Thermaltake Specific problems are not suitable for me. I'm not using their Controller/Software. I'm not going to use Support since I'm Tinkering on the Cables. And for your Point 4: got 3 packs for 50 bucks on eBay. Leftover Fans will be used as Vents on the desk in summer
  2. Hello, I'm planing a new build at the moment. For that build I found the Thermaltake Riing Trio to be the best Fans I could imagine. All of my needs are fulified on them. Addressable RGB Data Return Pin PWM Control Speedo Data Lightning on the Backside (for Pull Config on Front Rad.) But there's one major flaw of these I'm really upset about: They're only available in 3 Pack with incl. Controller For my needs I would need 6 Fans in Total: 4x120mm and 2x 140 mm, so I would need to buy 6 120's and 3 140's. Having these Controller Boxes and 3 Fans laying useless around. Is there any Possibility to get them in Single Packs? Maybe on request? I will definitely not pay over 100 extra bucks for these Extra Fans and Controller being useless in shelf. greetings Stefan
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