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  1. Yeah, not really a question that it works. There's plenty of people doing it and you can find tutorials on youtube about it. I know where to buy adapters, I just don't know which adapter to buy because I don't know what kind of connector is on the thermaltake aio fans. Corsair, btw, just spouts the company line, 'We don't support that'.
  2. Been a couple weeks and nothing with this. What it boils down to is this... the aio comes with 3 fans which all daisy chain together, and then there's an adapter cable labeled 'E', which connects to the end of the daisy chain on one end, and has a 3 pin plug on the other. I just need to know what that other end is. What kind of cable? If I knew what it was, I could get an adapter. Basically I just need 2 more of those 'E' adapters. I just don't know what they are to order them.
  3. Not having any luck finding an answer to this anywhere else, so figured I'd go to the source. I'm using the TT Water 3.0 ARGB aio. It's currently plugged into my mobo and getting it's rgb stuff from that. I'm using an ASRock, and if you aren't aware, their Polychrome software kind of sucks. I'm also using a bunch of Corsair fans and because of that I've got an extra Corsair Lighting Node Core controller. I'd much rather use the iCue software for my lighting, so I'd like to run the aio rgb through that, but I understand that Corsair uses DuPont connectors which, while not unique to Corsair
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