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  1. Experts say that cell phone ringtones ( or Klingelton) and how to talk on the phone can say everything about your personality and habits. In addition, how to choose a ringtone for each group of callers also shows many things. For example, someone sets a cell phone ringing like a pig ringing for unloved group members. And today, I will guide you to the set a ringtone for specific contacts on Android Step 1: Open the Contacts or People app. You can set a different ringtone for each contact, which will let you know immediately who is the caller before you can look at the screen or pick up the phone. The process varies by phone, but is generally similar. Step 2: Tap the contact for which you want to change your ringtone. Some devices even allow you to change ringtones for groups of multiple contacts. Click the "Edit" button. This button usually has a pencil icon. Step 3: Find and click on the option "Ringtone". The location for this option will vary depending on the device you are using. Step: For a Samsung device, this option is at the bottom of the contact's screen. Pure Android device users can find the "Set ringtone" option by pressing the Menu button (⋮). Step 5: Select the ringtone you want to use. A list of installed ringtones will appear. If you created a custom ringtone like the previous one, that file will also be in this list.
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