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  1. Hi there, Thanks so much for getting back to me and for that description - perfect and I was able to follow through with no problem. Just one more question - the ARGB cable you mentioned has two connectors - I take it one goes to the ARGB header and the other to the RGB? Thanks very much once again.
  2. toughpower, PF1, connectors, blind,Hello there, I'd be grateful fir any assistance. I'm registered blind and building a new system using the Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 850W RGB. I've built systems before but the hardest part is always working out parts and connectors, especially for new products, when I'm not able to see diagrams in instruction manuals. To make sure I don't inadvertently connect something that causes a short circuit, would someone be kind enough to list the order of connections on the PF1 from left to right, top to bottom? This is obviously shown in the user guide but as said I can't see that - I'm only able to read text with my screen reader. Once I know the order the rest is easy. Thanks so much in advance for your help.
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