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  1. Personally, I have my own coffee shop . I haven't created a social media account for it, I haven't advertised it in any way. Now I want to start selling coffee. I understand that you need to at least create a profile for yourself at least in Instagram, through which I will sell. What do you think would be the right place for me to start in this business?
  2. I want to break up with my girlfriend . I know for a fact that someone else is interested in me. My point is, there's definitely someone else who might be interested in me besides her. I want to prove it to myself first. Where can I meet a nice girl?
  3. Think about where you could spend the time you've already spent playing games . Conclude .
  4. thx for your answer!
  5. WellM

    need some help

    thx for your answer!
  6. I can't understand . Why do people buy an ipad pro ? You can buy a macbook for that amount of money. Why do people overpay so much money?
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