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  1. thanks to TT's 1 page manual that fails to warn you about how they sync (so you can plan ahead), and a bunch of trouble shooting, ultimately i ended up using 3 controllers for 10 fans, originally i had 2.. but it took me all day to figure out you could click on the background and it would swing around to fans 4 and 5... anyway... when doing a full sync, i dont like the order, its goes fans 1-4 on con1, the jumps to 2, then 3, but fans 2-3 on con2 are out of order, and con2 also runs through 1-3 in the opposite direction i would like, and con2 and con3 are also of order relative to their position in the case.. and honestly i REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY dont want to open my case, and start tracing wires, and re-plugging them and setting the dip switches again. i'd also have to cycle through all the fans first, and write down which one i want to plus into which spot on which controller, since id have to power down first.. and that all seems like a huge p.i.t.a. if there is a simple way to just re-assign via software. and if there isnt, TT really needs to get their stuff together in regards to that. its like they almost have it in neonmaker, but not quite.
  2. i just had this same problem, it was the molex cable. specifically an evga molex cable. it had a different pin out than the tt controller molex, luckily i had some old molex cables lying around that were pinned the same and that fixed it. if you dont have spare ones, you can look at the molex connector and see if there are markings for which pins are which, (ru and jc or something like that, i forget exactly what the letters are) and try to pull them out and swap them around to match the ones on the tt molex (while its unplugged and/or the psu is unplugged of course) , which is definitely labeled, the one from the psu might not be). it was the first time a new build didnt boot for me and it drove me nuts, i slowly started pulling wires out and rebooting, once that molex came out it all booted.
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